The following document outlines the sustainability policy of Bristlecone.

1.     Introduction

As a global organization, we recognize our role and the opportunity to drive positive change for all our stakeholders. By making every aspect of our business sustainable, we re-affirm our commitment to a better world. From our employees, to the communities which we are a part of, we want to conduct our business consciously and responsibly.

For us, sustainability means not only the conservation of the environment, but also the welfare of our stakeholders, communities, and the world-at-large. It is an integral part of our business, and an essential driver on our road to long-term profitability. Its entails financial growth and profit, and responsibility towards communities and stakeholders, giving back, good governance, ethical practices, and respecting the law of the land.

This policy outlines Bristlecones overall commitment to sustainability and guides our activities across all our global operations.

2.     Scope

This policy applies to all levels of the organization across Bristlecone excluding Client Offices.

3.     Commitment & Accountability

The responsibility for operating in a sustainable and responsible manner is embedded into all of Bristlecone’s business units and corporate functions. To ensure this is the case, Bristlecone’s Vice President of Human Resources leads the global committee that is responsible for developing and driving implementation of sustainability roadmaps and targets guided by this policy. CEO & the President of Bristlecone will be responsible for reviewing the committee’s performance against this policy on an annual basis.

4.     Policy Details

Bristlecone as premier supply chain advisory firm focusing on enabling digitally connected and anti-fragile Supply Chains. We recognize the impact of our business operations on the 3 key pillars of Sustainability; namely People, Planet & Profit. Hence, we make continuous efforts to optimize efficiency across the environmental, social and governance framework of the company. Bristlecone encourages involvement of all stakeholders & ensures that the policy is well communicated, implemented, monitored and reviewed periodically.

People (Enabling Stakeholders to Rise):

  • Build a great place to work and become the best employer
  • Foster inclusive and comprehensive development
  • Creating sustainability awareness among employees, customers, investors and society
  • Nurturing a climate of social responsibility and volunteering towards the community

Planet (Protecting the Environment):

  • Optimal use of resources – water, electricity and paper
  • Reduce carbon emissions – less air and road travel by making use of latest collaboration tools, encouraging carpooling and usage of public transport
  • Monitor and review usage of resources (as applicable) to enable continuous improvement to limit the consumption of the natural resources

Profit (Building Enduring Business):

  • De-risking and mitigating climate risks
  • By combining our intellectual capital with proprietary supply chain solutions, we ensure Supply Chains of our customers turn into sustainable business value – anti fragile
  • Co-creating sustainable business value for our clients, customers, investors and other stakeholders
  • Leveraging industry best practices to help achieve stakeholder sustainability goals


The Sustainability policy shall be reviewed to ensure its continued applicability and relevance to our operations and evolving stakeholder expectations. This exercise shall be conducted once a year or as and when there are changes.




Irfan Khan
President & CEO



February 1, 2019