The amalgamation of the supply chain with the value chain

The transformation of a supply chain into a value chain is inevitable to any organization which pursues process optimization and quality control protocols with the utmost seriousness. By its very definition, a value chain helps create competitive advantage for the business and provides the maximum possible value to its customers.

Offering value to the consumer through a better supply chain

With newer technologies providing enhanced data collection and processing capabilities, the modern day supply chain has become virtually unfathomable from what it was but a decade ago. The benefits of a quality supply chain for a business are manifold. From reducing overhead costs for creating better and more efficient inventories, a quality supply chain is a vital asset to the business.

Value chain management takes a step up from traditional supply chain management and offers a broader perspective on the many services that a business delivers to its customers. The emphasis lies in making the business more competitive while keeping a check on its liabilities. The effect of value chain management has been major, to say the least, and has shifted priorities for enterprises in every industry. Bristlecone has worked on hundreds of such value chains and the advantages yielded by making this very conscious shift have been astounding for our clients.

Helping businesses offer better services to their customers

One of the primary goals of any value chain is to enrich the customer experience, and to make the brand more valuable to them on a personal level. Bristlecone makes the implementation of value chain management a remarkably easy task for its clients. We provide industry specific templates that are quick to implement and allow for easy integration with existing ERP and supply chain technologies. In this process, we have had expert help in the form of exemplary Oracle supply chain solutions. Bristlecone is a gold partner to Oracle and renders solution development and integration services.

Bristlecone reconfigures your supply chain for improved results

We have the expertise and the grasp over the inner workings of multiple industries, which make us the leading SCM solution provider in the world. Our extensive relationship with the foremost logistics service providers in the world, as well as our insight into the supplier-dealer dynamics that are so crucial for an efficient business relationship, enable us to offer exhaustive and comprehensive services for supply chain to value chain transformation.