Webinar: Using Digital Transformation to Create Value and Unlock Working Capital in your Supply Chain

The interdependence between physical and financial supply chains is growing. As supply chains become more complex, they are constantly stressed with change, the demand for operational advantage, and the need to meet customers’ exact requirements. Stress from change impacts producers, logistics, and ultimately, working capital. What opportunities are you leaving on the table?

To become an adaptive enterprise, companies must make financial operations a key aspect of their supply chain. This can be achieved by leveraging innovative technologies with AP automation, e-invoicing and future-proof platforms to facilitate spend management and improve visibility into spend analytics.

In this webinar, in collaboration with Tradeshift, we discuss:

  • Why increased visibility into procurement and improved vendor relationships are critical today
  • Empowering procurement diagnostics and a single source of truth for all spend under management
  • How teams can leverage automation technology and e-invoicing to optimize working capital and cashflow while building relationships with suppliers
  • How stakeholders in the supply and financial chain can achieve working capital objectives without jeopardizing other objectives