Webinar: COVID-19 Impact? Accelerate Business Restart with Alternate Supplier Base

Gear up for the business restart by de-risking and building an alternate supplier base where required.

As enterprises globally resume business from the pause caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, new challenges have emerged, such as:

  • Suppliers have shuttered businesses due to bankruptcy, weak demand, etc.
  • Alternate / nearshore supply base needs to be identified and made resilient to global outages
  • Meeting fulfillment needs consistently for commodities experiencing spikes in demand

To address this situation, Bristlecone has teamed up with SAP Ariba to support Procurement Departments in identifying alternate suppliers …

  • Utilizing the power of the world’s largest supplier platform
  • Built on the latest SAP-technology
  • Taking advantage of current limited-time offers related to two SAP solutions (SAP Ariba Discovery and SAP Ariba Start Sourcing)

Learn how you can benefit from this offer for your organization.