Webinar: Responding to Supply Chain Disruption in a Post-Pandemic World

It may have dominated the headlines over the past year, but supply chain disruption is not a new narrative. It’s a common story – and a constant threat. What COVID-19 did was bring supply chain disruption to the forefront and make it clear that organizations of all sizes, in all industries and all geographies, must enhance the resiliency of their supply chain network.

Bristlecone and Kaisa have teamed up to provide insight and guidance into what you can do to build supply chain resiliency through more effective supply chain planning.

Key Takeaways

  • Supply Chain Transformation – Insights and Challenges
  • SAP IBP (S&OP, Demand, Response and Supply) Overview and Advantages
  • Industry Trends and Use Cases
  • Intro to Bristlecone IP – IBP80 and IBP90