Webinar: ‘RIDE’ through Times of Supply Chain Uncertainty

Delayed orders, canceled shipments, unstable demand patterns, one too many zoom meetings – supply chains and supply chain professionals are under tremendous stress right now. How can you equip your supply chain to embrace change?

Bristlecone brings you an exclusive hour of practical suggestions, insights and guidance on how leaders like you can successfully navigate this unprecedented global crisis, as well as future disruptions, using our ‘RIDE’ framework.

After this webinar, you’ll be better prepared to:

  • RESPOND: Focus on cashflow, short-term planning and data vigilance.
  • IDENTIFY: Find low-hanging fruit, detect areas of concern and explore technology.
  • DIFFERENTIATE: Reinvent the business to serve customers in this new normal.
  • ENGAGE: Implement new ways to engage employees and manage the workforce.

Build your digitally resilient supply chain.

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