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White Paper: COVID-19: ‘RIDE’ Today to Thrive Tomorrow

How to Respond, Identify, Differentiate and Engage in this Time of Coronavirus Disruption

The speed at which COVID-19 impacted the world would have been beyond conception in December 2019. Within just 12 weeks of the first identification of the coronavirus in Wuhan, the whole world had come to a standstill. Across geographies, industries, and demand and supply, there is disruption. Recovery will take time, potentially years.

To thrive – and in some cases, to even survive – businesses need to devise new playbooks, newer ways to work and more modern business models. All eyes are on the supply chain.

Stressed supply chains are no longer an operational discussion, but rather a critical boardroom discussion, with CEOs and CFOs leading the charge in taking a hard look at how they can:

RESPOND. Focus on cashflow, short-term planning and data vigilance.

IDENTIFY. Find low-hanging fruit, detect areas of concern and explore technology.

DIFFERENTIATE. Reinvent the business to serve customers in this new normal.

ENGAGE. Implement new ways to engage employees and manage the workforce.

This white paper provides practical suggestions and insight into each of these four areas, giving business leaders the guidance they need to RIDE through this unprecedented global crisis.