Bristlecone S/4NOW Conversion Now Certified as an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for SAP S/4HANA

Certifying that it delivers a “unique and highly targeted value proposition based on a fixed scope and a fixed price offering.

What is your Supply Chain Superpower?

What is your supply chain superpower? Everyone dreams of having a superpower. Organizations that have transformed their supply chains have what could be considered superpowers – like visibility and predictability. See what supply chain leaders say is their supply chain superpower.

What does the Word Innovation Mean to You?

What does the word “innovation” mean to you? Merriam-Webster defines innovation as “the introduction of something new,” but the word holds a slightly different meaning for everyone. Learn what “innovation” means to top executives across a variety of industries.

White Paper: Central Procurement Hub – Built into SAP S/4HANA

Central Procurement Hub, built into SAP S/4HANA, acts as a centralized system providing visibility into global procurement operations for organizations running multiple ERP platforms. This white paper explains how CP Hub optimizes processes and costs.

White Paper: SAP CPI-DS – Simplifying SAP IBP Integration

This white paper illustrates how SAP CPI-DS, together with Bristlecone’s expert guidance and preconfigured integration solutions, simplify SAP IBP integrations and provide organizations with opportunities for error reduction and accelerated time to market.

Webinar: AI in Supply Chain Planning

Learn how to leverage advanced technologies to address critical day-to-day supply chain planning challenges.

Bristlecone Announces Free Trial of Supply Chain Risk Monitoring App

Powered by the Bristlecone NEO® platform, is an AI-fueled, cloud-based app that monitors, quantifies and proactively recommends a response to mitigate supply chain risks. And now it’s available on a free trial basis.

If your Supply Chain were an Animal, What would it be, and Why?

If your supply chain were an animal, what would it be, and why? Does it live on land or in water? What are its characteristics? Check out these creative answers from executives and supply chain leaders across a variety of industries.