With Bristlecone, you can count on strategic thinking, responsive service, a comprehensive portfolio of digital transformation capabilities, industry-specific solutions, and a partner that will walk the distance with you.


From system diagnostics and business process optimization, to cultural readiness assessments and future state roadmapping, we will expertly guide you through every step of your digital transformation journey. We’ll get to know you and your business, take a deep dive into your current situation, and identify areas for improvement across processes, systems, reporting and user adoption. We will take a technology-agnostic approach, provide practical suggestions, create a framework for change and help you reach your goals.


Our services span the technology enablement spectrum – from rationalizing and optimizing your existing infrastructure, to exposing and resolving security risks, to deploying new systems and applications. Our methodology is rooted in a framework that unlocks value, mitigates risk, limits disruptions and delivers quick wins. We achieve seamless digital transformation by expertly managing the many moving parts spanning platforms, projects, processes and people. Some of our technology services include:

  • Technology Advisory Services
  • System Diagnostics
  • Integration and Implementation
  • Testing and HyperCare
  • Software Engineering
  • Sales and Solution Support
  • Project Management

We provide ongoing software maintenance, support and end-of-life services. We also go beyond traditional support and managed services to help you achieve better business alignment, increase transparency, gain productivity, improve outcomes and react quickly to changing dynamics. Legacy system life can often be extended through performance enhancements that require no new technology investments. We can also diagnose and fix problems caused by bottlenecks and out-of-control database growth.

All engagements are flexible, scalable and customizable.

Choose an outsourcing model that best suits your needs and delivers maximum business value. Our innovative delivery models can help with dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE), co-innovation and rapid prototyping, factory model for repetitive work and continuous productivity improvements, and more, while our accelerators automate and simplify upgrades and ongoing maintenance activities.


Most change initiatives fall short of achieving the required adoption because they fail to take all the risks and challenges into account. We prevent this by looking at change from every angle and focusing on the people side of change. We help manage expectations, build a strategy for change, raise awareness, create and deliver communications and training programs, entice participation, increase skill and confidence, and ultimately, drive maximum user adoption. Some of our organizational change management services include:

  • Change Impact Assessments
  • Transformation Adoption Strategies
  • Leadership Engagement and Coaching
  • Communications Strategy and Delivery
  • Training and User Adoption Programs
  • Knowledge Transfer and Documentation
  • Analytics and Dashboards


Evidence of our success can be found in organizations of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world.


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