Supply Chain Transformation - Gabe Peterson, VAREX

Varex's digital transformation journey was spearheaded by senior director Gabe Peterson, who developed a 'dx' roadmap focused on driving business outcomes – accelerating new product introductions, improving experiences, etc. – rather than technology. Hear about his roadmap and how Bristlecone's Antifragility Index helped provide the framework.

Antifragility. Risk Management - Van Bicknell, CORNING

What began with optimization of the procure-to-pay process evolved into a complete digital transformation of Corning's business processes – resulting in transparency, compliance and significant cost savings, including a 45% reduction in PO processing costs. Learn about Corning's journey to antifragility from manager of global supply data, Van Bicknell.

The Future of Supply Chain is…

We asked people what the future of supply chain looks like and heard some answers that we think are spot-on. Bristlecone can show you that the future of supply chain is here today.

Bristlecone PULSE at MIT - 2018 Highlights

It's not easy to summarize three days of the most educational and inspiring supply chain event on the planet in less than three minutes … but that doesn't mean we didn't try.

What Comes to Mind When You Think of Bristlecone?

People describe us as innovative, intelligent, forward-thinking and responsive. Our customers call us partners. They say we make a difference. Customers and friends of Bristlecone, thank you!

Pulse 2018 - Pulse Experience

Bristlecone Pulse brings together industry and academia, people with diverse experiences and skillsets who share a common vision. Attendees describe it as educational, engaging and fun.

Pulse 2018 - If you were a vegetable…

We talk a lot about supply chains. It's what we're passionate about. But who says we can't mix it up every now and then? See how Pulse attendees reacted when we asked an unusual question.

Disruption Within the Industry – Noah Dominik, SPS COMMERCE

Noah Dominik, senior director of customer success operations at SPS Commerce, has spent the past 15 years helping retailers bridge the ever-evolving physical-digital divide. In this presentation, he shares insights into how businesses can embrace retail’s new normal and evolve their ecosystem to meet the demands and buying behaviors of today’s consumer.

Welcome to The Boston Innovation Ecosystem – RON SPANGLER, MIT

Ron Spangler welcomed Pulse attendees to the MIT campus with an introduction to the "Boston Innovation Ecosystem." With so many forward-thinking businesses establishing a foothold in Boston, and MIT's long heritage of turning ideas into products and creating the next generation of entrepreneurs, "the future," said Spangler, "is being built in Boston."

Digital Business Model – STEPHANIE WOERNER, MIT

Stephanie Woerner, author and MIT researcher, educates businesses on what it takes to succeed in the digital economy. "Digital transformation is not really about digital," she says. "It's really about reinventing yourself – your business model, your culture, your people." In this presentation, Stephanie take a case study approach to sharing her knowledge.