Evolution of Supply Chain Planning – Larry Sladewski, Nvidia

Larry Sladewski shares Nvidia’s vision for using AI to enhance its supply chain. AI will help Nvidia accelerate information flow, improve forecasting and decision-making, mitigate risk and, ultimately, keep pace with expanding product lines and evolving geopolitical and regulatory landscapes.

“Instegration” and the Future of Logistics in Supply Chain – Bobby Napiltonia, NEXT Trucking

Bobby Napiltonia introduces NEXT Trucking’s plans to revolutionize the U.S. freight logistics and transportation industry through a new ‘instegration’ initiative with Bristlecone. He discusses how this initiative will reduce downtime, emissions and risk, while increasing revenue and driver satisfaction.

Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation – George Westerman, MIT

George Westerman discusses concepts introduced in his book on “Turning Technology into Business Transformation.” He offers guidance through the context of five critical success factors – Vision, Projects, Platform, Governance, Culture – and stresses the important role leadership plays in driving change.

Superminds: The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together – Thomas Malone, MIT

Thomas Malone introduces his “superminds” concept and provides examples in the world around us. He challenges the audience to consider the power of people and computers working together – and envision what the hyperconnectivity of human and artificial intelligence makes possible.

AI in Supply Chain Planning – Sergio Caballero, MIT

Sergio Caballero discusses how algorithmic advances, data proliferation, and exponential growth in computing power and storage have propelled AI from hype to reality. He also talks about AI’s ability to revolutionize supply chain planning through visibility, automation, optimization and more.

Business Transformation in the Digital Era – Leon Trevett, Illumina

Leon Trevett provides a glimpse into the world of human genome sequencing and explains how Illumina leverages the hundreds of petabytes of health data it generates annually to power its digital supply chain and smart factories and enhance customer experience.

Designing Future Operations for Scale – Michael Murray, Ferrara Candy

Michael Murray discusses the growth and evolution of Ferrara Candy’s supply chain, a result of recent brand acquisitions. He explains the steps Ferrara is taking to ensure operational scalability and describes how Bristlecone is enabling new capabilities and delivering value.

From Supply Chains to Ecosystems: Capturing Value from IoT – Massimo Russo, BCG

BCG Henderson Institute Fellow Massimo Russo provides perspective on how B2B companies are leveraging connected equipment and IoT data to move into new business models, increase their value proposition and transition from structured value chains to loosely coupled ecosystems.

Presentations Dhaval Buch – CEO Bristlecone

It is the responsibility of companies everywhere to “seek, show and solve” the real problems in the world. Bristlecone CEO Dhaval Buch discusses the four social issues companies should consider when designing a digital supply chain for the future.

Dhaval Buch – Supply Chain Transformation

Bristlecone CEO Dhaval Buch speaks about the evolution of the supply chain and modern supply chain’s role as the heart of the business – driving demand creation, fulfillment and innovation. He illustrates how digital supply chain transformations can set the stage for agility, transparency and cost-resetting.