Executive Insight: Creating a Digitally Resilient Supply Chain

What we’re experiencing today – volatile markets, consumer risk aversion, a physically distanced but virtually connected world – that’s our new normal. Dhaval Buch shares insight into the digital future.

What One Quality will Make a Future Business Leader Successful?

What one quality will make a future business leader successful? Every good leader has certain traits that contribute to their success. Discover what qualities current business leaders say the leaders of the future will need in order to be successful.

What One New Technology Area will Change the Future of Supply Chain?

What one new technology area will change the future of supply chain? Technology continues to drive digital supply chain transformation projects that help businesses grow and evolve. What technologies will have the greatest impact on the supply chain of the future? See what top executives think.

What is the First Thing you Check about your Business when you Wake Up?

What is the first thing you check about your business when you wake up? We all start our workday in different ways. Some think about their teams first; others, the numbers. Some are faced with fires to extinguish, while others are able to take a more leisurely stroll into their day. See how these leaders typically get their day started.

What is your Supply Chain Superpower?

What is your supply chain superpower? Everyone dreams of having a superpower. Organizations that have transformed their supply chains have what could be considered superpowers – like visibility and predictability. See what supply chain leaders say is their supply chain superpower.

What does the Word Innovation Mean to You?

What does the word “innovation” mean to you? Merriam-Webster defines innovation as “the introduction of something new,” but the word holds a slightly different meaning for everyone. Learn what “innovation” means to top executives across a variety of industries.

If your Supply Chain were an Animal, What would it be, and Why?

If your supply chain were an animal, what would it be, and why? Does it live on land or in water? What are its characteristics? Check out these creative answers from executives and supply chain leaders across a variety of industries.

What Comes to Mind when you Think of Bristlecone?

What comes to mind when you think of Bristlecone? Watch what thought leaders in supply chain, customers, partners and analysts say about Bristlecone’s capabilities and commitment to customers.

Modeling for Success in the Semiconductor Industry – Joe Williams, UCT

Joe Williams, President, Semiconductor Products & Solutions at UCT, talks about the semiconductor industry and UCT’s success with SAP S/4HANA. He describes his experience, lessons learned and how Bristlecone helped UCT in its business transformation.

Lessons from Undertaking a Business Transformation – Phil Smart, Tupperware

Phil Smart explains how the digital supply chain works in the direct selling industry and shares business transformation success factors. He discusses the importance of change management and conducting a readiness assessment prior to undertaking any digital transformation project.