Foresight 20/20

WEBINAR: Supply Chain Foresight 20/20

Discover where supply chain risk management is heading, the role AI plays in the future of SCRM, and how you can gain the foresight you need to proactively gauge and mitigate external risk.

WEBINAR: AI in Supply Chain Planning

Learn how to leverage advanced technologies to address critical day-to-day supply chain planning challenges.

WEBINAR: AI in Procurement

Learn what advanced technologies like AI, IoT and robotic process automation can do for your procurement operations.

Superminds: The Surprising Power of People and Computers Thinking Together – Thomas Malone, MIT

Thomas Malone introduces his “superminds” concept and provides examples in the world around us. He challenges the audience to consider the power of people and computers working together – and envision what the hyperconnectivity of human and artificial intelligence makes possible.

AI in Supply Chain Planning – Sergio Caballero, MIT

Sergio Caballero discusses how algorithmic advances, data proliferation, and exponential growth in computing power and storage have propelled AI from hype to reality. He also talks about AI’s ability to revolutionize supply chain planning through visibility, automation, optimization and more.