Getting to Know DDMRP

Demand-driven strategies and practices help businesses become more agile and responsive to varying market demands. DDMRP technology makes dynamic adjustments across the supply chain to reduce lead time and optimize inventory levels.

Bristlecone S/4NOW for CPG is Now an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for SAP S/4HANA

Bristlecone S/4NOW for CPG, an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for SAP S/4HANA, accelerates S/4HANA deployments to enable CPG manufacturers to achieve rapid time-to-value.

Bristlecone S/4NOW for CPG Solution Now Certified as an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for SAP S/4HANA

Bristlecone, the trusted partner in supply chain transformation, is pleased to announce that its S/4NOW for CPG solution is now an SAP-Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for SAP S/4HANA. S/4NOW for CPG is the latest in Bristlecone’s portfolio of accelerator solutions for SAP platforms to receive this certification – and the third in its lineup of industry-specific S/4NOW solutions.
6 Ways to Mitigate Covid-19’s Impact on Your Supply Chain

The Impact of Coronavirus on Supply Chains

How Global Supply Chains will be Affected at a Macro Level by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Meet Ferrara Candy, Best Supply Chain Transformation Award Winner

Congratulations to Ferrara Candy, this year’s award winner for Best Supply Chain Transformation!

Designing Future Operations for Scale – Michael Murray, Ferrara Candy

Michael Murray discusses the growth and evolution of Ferrara Candy’s supply chain, a result of recent brand acquisitions. He explains the steps Ferrara is taking to ensure operational scalability and describes how Bristlecone is enabling new capabilities and delivering value.