Breathing Life into Life Sciences Supply Chains with IoT, AI and ML

Bristlecone is working closely with a leader in the life sciences space to digitally transform its supply chain and procurement processes and enable real-time tracking of shipments in transit.

Webinar: AI in Procurement

Learn what advanced technologies like AI, IoT and robotic process automation can do for your procurement operations.

From Supply Chains to Ecosystems: Capturing Value from IoT – Massimo Russo, BCG

BCG Henderson Institute Fellow Massimo Russo provides perspective on how B2B companies are leveraging connected equipment and IoT data to move into new business models, increase their value proposition and transition from structured value chains to loosely coupled ecosystems.

Webinar: Supply Chain Visibility, Transparency and Traceability – An Ecosystem Play

Bristlecone Labs and Corning reveal value chain blind spots.