As a strategic provider of digital supply chain transformation solutions, we specialize in combining our proven expertise, proprietary assets and end-to-end services with best-in-class platforms to design and deploy supply chains for the future.



Many client engagements begin with process and business consulting services that allow us to take a deep dive into the current situation. You’ll begin to see your digital transformation strategy taking shape in the form of readiness assessments, gap analyses and roadmaps.

We take the time to get to know your business model and infrastructure. We identify areas for improvement across processes, systems, reporting and user adoption. And we create a framework for change, taking existing system resources and data growth into account.


From rationalizing and optimizing utilization of your existing infrastructure, to exposing and resolving security risks, to leading the deployment of a new supply chain planning solution, you can count on Bristlecone to be your trusted partner in supply chain transformation.

Our methodology is rooted in a framework that unlocks value and mitigates risk. We believe in quick wins. Seeing early results establishes a cadence for the project, gets everyone motivated and fuels project momentum. We also understand that your supply chain is the heartbeat of your business – so we’re committed to limiting interruptions.

We achieve seamless digital transformation by expertly managing the many moving parts spanning platforms, projects, processes and people.

ERP/SCM Platforms

Bristlecone is proud to work with the best supply chain platforms on the market today. Every platform we deploy is built to stand the test of time.

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent next-gen solution that harnesses the power of in-memory computing and collaboration to streamline and integrate core business functions.

Oracle SCM products transform supply chains from functional necessity to competitive advantage by delivering the security, innovation and agility modern business demands.


We provide system maintenance, support and end-of-life services. But we also go beyond traditional support and managed services by working with clients to achieve better business alignment, increase transparency, gain productivity, improve business outcomes and react quickly to changing market dynamics.

Legacy system life can often be extended through performance enhancements that require no new hardware or software. We can also improve productivity by diagnosing and fixing problems caused by bottlenecks, out-of-control database growth and security concerns.


Most change initiatives fall short of achieving the required adoption level because they fail to take risks and challenges into account. We prevent this by looking at change from all angles and addressing the people side of change. We’ll help you manage expectations, raise awareness, develop and deliver consistent communications, entice participation, and increase user skill and confidence.


Don’t let key insights get lost in a deluge of data. We’re experts at finding hidden data assets across the entire IT landscape and aggregating those assets in a single source of truth for enterprise information. By leveraging analytics that are timely, reliable, accessible and secure, you’ll gain unprecedented visibility into sales, operations and financial health.

SAP Analytics Cloud gives data analysts and decision-makers the tools they need to visualize, plan and make predictions all from one secure, cloud-based environment.


Our comprehensive and innovative repository of artifacts includes proprietary and industry-focused frameworks, prebuilt extractors, process maps, templates, workflows and adapters. Tapping into these assets will further mitigate migration risks and accelerate time to value by expediting migrations and harmonizing data from a multitude of systems.


Evidence of our success can be found in organizations of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world.


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