We provide strong development expertise and a comprehensive portfolio of software experiences to bring new ideas to life.


Product companies are innovating at a faster rate than ever before, but they face challenges that are different depending on the stage of product maturity. Newer products need to rapidly bootstrap to seed customers, while proven products must upgrade to modern architectures.

For over two decades, Bristlecone has been providing the software engineering expertise that technology companies need, to quickly and confidently get their products to market.

Bristlecone has become a major force in the product engineering space largely because of our people, processes and expertise. Whether we’re serving as an extension of your in-house team or acting as your entire software engineering arm, freeing you up to focus on your core business, you’ll benefit from the technical astuteness of our people, as well as their commitment, innovation and passion.


AI, data analytics, intelligent process automation and other advanced technologies are allowing companies to differentiate their products to their competitive advantage.

Our team has deep experience working on the bleeding-edge of innovation. Our customers gain a lot by having discussions with our PES team about how we can innovate together.

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R.C.M. Solutions harnesses the power of Advanced Analytics
and Data Science to deliver enhanced business insight to Retail,
CPG and Manufacturing businesses.

• Smart Forecasting
• Inventory Optimization
• Price and Markdown Optimization
• Market Basket Analysis


Our Product Engineering Services are not limited to any specific industry or product category, though we have quickly become the go-to software engineering partner in several industries.

  • Software Technology Companies
  • Retail, CPG and Manufacturing
  • Fintech and Payments
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • E-commerce
  • Supply Chain Platforms
  • Logistics and Transportation


Bristlecone’s Product Engineering Services (PES) span the entire engineering lifecycle. Some clients enlist our services for projects requiring special skills or to expand their team, or because they are facing aggressive timelines and need experts onboarded quickly. Others turn to us because they have identified an area of their business that can benefit from an internal or commercially available product but lack the in-house engineering expertise to see their idea through to completion.

Product Design and Development

  • Accelerate product development – consistently and cost-effectively
  • Co-ideate, plan and design new software from the conceptual stage
  • Embark on digital transformation of legacy platforms to make them more robust and scalable
  • Build cloud-native applications and migrate legacy products into cloud-based solutions
  • Digital Product Engineering

Testing and Automation

  • Conduct independent product testing and enrichment
  • Establish centers of excellence to support testing and governance efforts
  • Automate business processes
  • Provide analytics and insight into data to fuel corrective actions


  • Create world-class connectors, adapters and APIs
  • Build integrations to third-party products using collaborative models

Management and Support

  • Provide sales support from proof-of-concept to go-to-market
  • Assist in global custom-engineering and customer onboarding
  • Monitor product performance
  • Manage end-of-life products, including end customer support, using innovative outcome-based commercial models
  • Deliver ongoing maintenance and support to engineering teams and end users


  • Leverage our proprietary technologies, intellectual property, frameworks, accelerators, platforms and adapters
  • Unique Core-Flex capacity model

Bristlecone has strong expertise in product engineering with a diverse portfolio of software experiences. We employ some of the world’s best software engineers, testing professionals and support experts – who work together with our customers to help them achieve their product and platform goals.


Evidence of our success can be found in organizations of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world.


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