Bristlecone has broad cross-industry experience. From mature industries like discrete manufacturing and transportation to modern, high-growth industries like technology and life sciences … we have proven our ability to tailor our services and solutions to meet the distinct requirements of nearly every industry.

Supply Chain Industries



The tech industry is characterized by omnichannel commerce, boom and bust cycles, short product lifecycles, constant demand for better-faster-cheaper, feverish M&A activity, and a volatile market that rewards agility and forward thinking. Business moves fast and evolves daily. Supply chains must be able to keep up.


Bristlecone has deep knowledge and rich experience in the technology space. Our expertise lies in creating resilient and responsive supply chains that drive flexible manufacturing and fulfillment, intensify collaboration, provide visibility into global inventory, improve customer engagement and nurture strategic partnerships.

We understand time is of the essence for technology companies, which is why we have developed a portfolio of package-based solutions that quickly automate business processes. Some of these solutions include:

  • Prebuilt Assets: Over 150 preconfigured scenarios that drive a quick return on investment.
  • Bristlecone Now Series: Accelerators for relevant processes and prebuilt industry reports.
  • Business Planning: Industry-specific processes built on leading business planning platforms.

The supply chains of consumer packaged goods companies and retailers have been transformed by a global economy, omnichannel commerce, shifting consumer preferences and social media proliferation. CPGs and retailers must adopt an agile supply chain that senses and responds to trends, while minimizing costs.


Our approach goes beyond simply optimizing inventory and refining customer service. Our product lifecycle management, merchandizing, store operations and collaborative commerce solutions position you to quickly and cost-effectively respond to changing dynamics in the industry. We can help you in a variety of ways.

  • Planning and optimizing your entire supply chain.
  • Improving forecast accuracy and inventory management.
  • Streamlining warehouse and fulfillment operations.
  • Developing merchandizing and replenishment strategies.
  • Maximizing plant and distribution center utilization.
  • Creating seamless collaboration between stakeholders.
  • Synchronizing in-store, online and mobile applications.
  • Ensuring a fluid and consistent customer experience.
  • Providing visibility via spend and supply chain analytics.

To accelerate time-to-market, improve customer service and gain a competitive edge, discrete manufacturers must squeeze every bit of efficiency out of their production processes. Efficiency is driven by the supply chain – with optimized utilization, accurate forecasting, effective product lifecycle management and cost reduction.


Bristlecone’s experience in working with manufacturing companies has resulted in a deep understanding of their challenges and opportunities, and a suite of solutions that produces strategic and operational value.

  • Production: Design engineering, supply and demand, and product lifecycle management.
  • Order-to-Cash: Sales management, delivery, invoicing and customer credits.
  • Procure-to-Pay: Purchase orders, goods receipts, inventory management and payments.
  • Visibility: Supply chain value assessments, reporting tools and real-time analytics.

The landscape is largely characterized by moving parts. Bristlecone partners with vehicle makers and businesses across the automotive value chain to improve forecasting accuracy, effectively manage vehicle data and engineering changes, govern production and sequencing, increase dealer and supplier collaboration, amplify inventory visibility, address warranty claim management and enhance the customer experience.


While product flow and service are important, so too is compliance with environment, health and safety regulations. We enhance the supply chain ecosystem of chemical and bulk material manufacturers by replacing legacy planning systems with advanced supply chain technology. Doing so improves governance and provides visibility into raw materials, manufacturing facilities, distribution networks and stocking locations.


No matter what your business does, chances are we have industry-specific solutions for you.

Facilities Management and Real Estate: Complexities stem from fragmented business processes, aging assets and increasing compliance concerns inherent in this industry. We help businesses successfully navigate these complexities with solutions for managing real estate portfolios, land acquisitions, leases, taxes, procurement, capital projects, facility maintenance, warranties, resource consumption, waste production, and more.

Engineering and Construction: In an industry operating on wafer-thin margins, even a single project running behind schedule can significantly erode profitability. Bristlecone offers a suite of services to address project coordination and deliver better visibility into materials, equipment, budgets and schedules. Mange concurrent projects across regions, streamline planning, identify interdependencies and accelerate the bidding process.

Telecom: Demands on telecom companies are greater than ever. Network maintenance and upgrades need to be managed with clockwork precision. Service delivery must be fast and reliable. Bristlecone’s network project management solution aligns telecom’s network expansion and upgrade projects with capacity, capability and budget constraints. It helps streamline projects, minimize downtime and enhance service quality.

Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals: Driven by the need for smooth production flow and statutory compliance, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies must have visibility into their supply chain. Bristlecone helps these businesses develop responsive supply chains that address end-to-end requirements. Our solutions streamline processes, track supplier performance, improve inventory management, mitigate risk, reduce costs and more.

Transportation: Legacy transportation management systems are unable to keep pace with shifting compliance requirements and increased demand on transportation companies. Our solutions overcome the limitations of these old technologies and deliver support across all business functions, including operational planning, rate management, purchasing, booking and tendering, billing and payments, fleet management, and sourcing.

… and More: Financial Services, Media and Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Aerospace and Defense, Oil and Gas, the list goes on. Reach out to learn about the solutions we’ve tailored to your industry.


Evidence of our success can be found in organizations of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world.


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