is a machine learning-based SaaS product for superior demand forecasting and inventory projections.

Statistical forecasting may no longer be sufficient as many demand drivers are external to your supply chain – income indicators, market indices, commodity prices, weather events, public sentiment, etc. provides a suite of advanced ML algorithms that collect, curate and model these demand drivers for accurate and responsive short-term forecasting.

With …

Generate baseline forecasts and augment statistical forecasts

by factoring in external demand drivers.

Easily access external demand drivers

leveraging freely available public sources (Fred, Statista) as well as internal syndicated (IRI, Nielsen) sources.

Adjust forecasts and build synergized demand plans

by collaborating with downstream and upstream partners.

Seamlessly integrate with ERP systems

powered by Bristlecone’s NEO platform along with manage planner adoption and usage tracking.

How It Works bolts advanced ML models on top of statistical forecasts to generate an accurate forecast. The underlying models are self-learning and they progressively improve forecast accuracy as more data and feedback is provided. The demand drivers fed into the algorithms are tailored to the relevant industry, product line and target market, which are continually refreshed based on changing ground realities.

Benefits and Business Value

Improved demand forecasting accuracy Improved demand forecasting accuracy
inventory levelReduced inventory without compromising on service levels​
supply plansResponsive supply plans
Higher fill rate and lower stock outs​Higher fill rate and lower stock-outs
Synergize demand plans with supply chain partner​Synergize demand plans with supply chain partner​s
Supply chain risk visibility​Supply chain risk visibility​


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