International Women’s Day 2021 – #ChooseToChallenge

“This is a time for us to recognize all of the women who have added value each day. It’s also a time to empower women who may not have had the opportunity to shine before, so look for that opportunity within yourself, or find someone you want to mentor and help them to reach their potential,” said Lisa Lesko, Chief People Officer, Bristlecone, during an International Women’s Day event on Monday, March 8th.

Bristlecone’s virtual event featured a ‘fireside chat’ with guest speakers Rucha Nanavati, Chief Information Officer, Mahindra Group, and Deepa Ranjeet, Head of Digital, Group Technology Office, Mahindra Group – who shared their inspirational stories of challenge and perseverance. Rucha and Deepa both provided a glimpse into their journeys, discussing everything from the role models in their lives, to roadblocks they’ve encountered and overcome during their careers, to how they manage conscious and unconscious biases.

“Women’s Day should not be bound to one day. In fact, we are sincerely making a commitment to continually promote women in the workplace by providing internal opportunities and through our recruitment practices. It’s really up to all of us to speak up if we see inequities in the workplace, so we can take the appropriate actions to course-correct,” said Lesko.

To further enhance its culture of diversity and inclusivity, Bristlecone recently launched a new employee resource group, empowHer, which is dedicated to creating an environment that is safe, attentive to gender issues, helps to build confidence and provides opportunities for growth.

Watch the one-hour IWD 2021 virtual event in its entirety on YouTube.