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SAP Integrated Business Planning

Boost your Business Planning with Our SAP IBP offerings

SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP)

Best in class supply chain management is a trusted weapon to gain significant competitive advantage in ever changing business environment. Constant refinement of supply chain operations and identifying areas of improvement is a norm today. Companies need optimized supply chain solutions to meet the high expectations of the customer demands along with keeping an eye on the operating costs and profit margins, while being extremely agile to react to changes in demand & supply.

Are your current Supply Chain Planning solutions responsive & collaboratively forecast and gauge changes in demand, respond with required changes in supply plan, optimize inventory costs, improve service, and integrate financial decision-making parameters?

SAP Integrated Business planning is a real-time cloud based Supply Chain Planning solution that adds speed and agility to your supply chain to meet rapid growth and volatile customer requirements with enhanced capabilities. It utilizes the powerful Supply Chain Analytics, what-if simulation and real-time alerts available on cloud platform, all with cutting edge algorithms for demand & supply planning processes.

Bristlecone IBP service offerings include:


IBP Roadmap and Adoption Framework: Our IBP experts access customer’s landscape, understand supply chain objectives & processes and help customers navigate the right IBP solution with roadmap & business justification for the initiative.


Through rapid prototyping approach we build and showcase customer specific scenarios in our in-house fully integrated IBP platform and provide hands on experience to business users.


Bristlecone has developed a hybrid Agile approach for IBP implementation called Prototype Driven Delivery (PDD). We implement IBP Solutions using our proprietary tool IBPNowTM consisting of prebuilt tools and accelerators which help customers to seamlessly transition from current planning systems to the IBP solutions.

Bristlecone’s IBPNowTM is a comprehensive suite of solutions for accelerating and maximizing business value for customers, from proposed SAP IBP® implementations. The solution covers all aspects of a typical IBP implementation—design, configuration, testing, and user adoption. It includes prebuilt content and accelerators that cover preconfigured, ‘ready-to-go’ scenarios with the associated configuration content, documentation, and prebuilt test cases. Our solutions’ implementation are based on LoB/Industry best practices and adopt a business/user—centric approach for implementation based on agile principles. This allows us to significantly reduce time-to-value, increase adoption, and decrease risk. The solution suite includes the Cross-Industry and variants for Industries like Consumer Products, Dairy, etc.


The IBPNowTM has

  • More than 100+ Preconfigured Solution scenarios across all IBP modules and 270+ assets
  • Specially designed Tools and Accelerators for rapid implementation and user adoption.
  • Pre-built Master data and Transaction data interface to provide seamless integration between IBP and execution systems.


Bristlecone partnered with SAP to develop industry specific solutions and created industry content in its IBP center of excellence. Our IBPNow Industry solutions with wide spread use cases cater to unique industry problems and offer real-time Supply Chain visibility, higher planning accuracy & management dashboards and what-if simulations.

Preconfigured Industry Solutions



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