is a cloud-based early warning intelligence SaaS product for supply chain risk mitigation.

It enables supply chain professionals to sense, adapt and capitalize on dynamic real-world conditions by bringing external disruptions to the forefront. With, you can be proactive with your supply chain risk mitigation strategies and take corrective actions before risks manifest into losses. Delivers …

Early warnings on 50+ risk event types

such as severe weather, regulatory changes, sanctions and tariffs – and their estimated impact on your supply chain partners and nodes.

Delay predictions and value-at-risk estimations

for upcoming shipments with up to 14 days of future visibility​.

Scenario analysis and like event benchmarking

from 100,000 documented past events.​

Actionable insights

such as proactive identification of shipment delays, forecast deviations, market exposure, recommendations for alternate routes, early shipments, etc.​

How It Works

24x7x365 RISK RADAR

  • Taps into publicly available sources
  • Configured to ingest semi-structured and unstructured data
  • 15-minute refresh frequency


  • Classifies data into event types
  • Recognizes organization names, people, location and sentiment
  • Extracts and/or computes delays


  • Forward-looking events calendar across risk categories
  • Recommendations on alternate routes and early shipments
  • Recommendations on inter-DC inventory transfer and supplier health

Benefits and Business Value

Proactive risk and opportunity management
Value-at-risk estimation​
data insights Faster time to insights from unstructured data​
faster25% faster response to changing supply chain plans​
Improved visibility into supply chain network nodes and partners
priorityAids in prioritizing and mobilizing resources in the event of a supply chain disruption​


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