We are uniquely positioned to help you extract the most value from your technology investments. We do that by coupling the best enterprise platforms on the market with our comprehensive services portfolio and expert guidance. But that’s just the beginning. Analytics unlock the insight you need to achieve true antifragility.




The right analytics platforms have the power to help you sense where change is happening. They give you the insight you need to anticipate downturns and successfully navigate risks and challenges. They position you for adaptability throughout your business operations, even in the face of adversity. That’s antifragility.

Organizations don’t become antifragile overnight. Antifragility isn’t an event or a project. It’s a path, a journey, a movement along a continuum, a conscious and continuous effort to increase operational effectiveness.

Our expertise lies in helping businesses reach the point of antifragility by progressing, one step at a time, along the antifragility spectrum. There’s no value in analytics if data is inaccurate, unreliable or trapped in data silos, and there’s no sense stacking powerful analytics on top of a shaky IT infrastructure or a clunky old ERP system.

Those roadblocks need to be cleared first. But once they’re cleared – and you have total confidence in your systems and data – that’s when we will work on aligning analytics with your antifragility goals.


We appreciate individuality. Your business has its own needs, requirements, traditions, routines and quirks. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. We get that. That’s why we’ll partner with you to define a holistic – and uniquely individual – approach to getting the most value out of your technology and data.

How do analytics fit into your overall IT landscape? How will analytics drive business enablement? What role do analytics play on your journey to antifragility? What’s beyond the numbers? What are the goals?

We’ll arrive at answers together.

As we build your framework for change, we’ll do so with a deep understanding of not only when and where analytics are needed most, and why, but also how your analytics are supporting antifragility.


Bristlecone is platform-agnostic. We offer the best supply chain analytics platforms on the market, with the goal of helping you leverage technology to manage the complexity of your growing data volume and gain visibility into key areas, such as:

Spending: Achieve end-to-end visibility into your spend across materials, suppliers and business units. Intuitively discover insights on supplier consolidation, cost reduction and compliance factors.

Financial Health: Stay on top of the leading indicators of your organization’s financial health, with important aspects like growth, margins, revenue, turns and trends at your fingertips.

Sales and Operations: Get access to key measures of sales and operations success, and the ability to gather data from multiple planning systems and leverage the power of combined analytics.

With a large pool of Oracle and SAP certified professionals and extensive experience across industries, we are experts at unleashing the true power of supply chain platforms. Our analytics offerings include prebuilt, ready-to-deploy and custom analytics applications for SAP HANA and Oracle SCM. We provide end-to-end services on all analytics projects – from business scenario creation to development and testing – and with industry-specific frameworks and implementation accelerators, we can deliver a faster return on your investment.


Evidence of our success can be found in organizations of all sizes, in all industries, all over the world.


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