is a cloud-based track and trace product designed to proactively provide operational intelligence for logistics and warehouse functions.

Powered by the convergence of IoT, AI, ML, external supply chain data and your enterprise data, helps you monitor, control and optimize your supply chain execution strategy.​

With …

Configure and monitor real-time alerts

on estimated time of arrival and quality of your shipments, deliveries and orders​.

Improve shipment visibility

with automation of carrier shipment tracking​.

Monitor real-time location and condition

of your inbound and outbound assets and shipments with data streams from carriers, third-party logistics providers, IoT devices, etc.

Overlay external event risk

on supply chain operations, powered by

How It Works


  • 3PL and carrier data
  • IoT-based location and condition data
  • On-demand AIS (ocean) and ELD (truck) data feeds
  • ERP data (order to shipment)
  • External events and risk data feed from


  • Big data processing (real-time and batch)
  • Extract, transform and load data into the ML engine
  • Proactive alerts on time and quality from transit to arrival
  • Configurable business workflows and alerts


  • OKTA/SSO federated cloud-native web application
  • Android and iOS mobile app
  • Email and SMS push notifications
  • Powerful RESTful API

Benefits and Business Value

Visibility into location, movement, indoor and outdoor path of your inventory​​

Leading indicators for ETAs and EQAs at your fingertips​​

Proactive reporting of temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, wear and tear, physical damage, etc.

Timely alerts on delays, missing assets, counts and condition breach​​

Blockchain-ready solution with easy integration with ERP, WMS, EAM systems and third-party data​​

Optimized dwell, aging, cycle times and throughput


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