Bristlecone Live! Let’s Talk Analytics: Spend, Inventory, S&OP and Plant Maintenance

Analytics are key to enabling data-driven decisions that enhance supply chain performance. Managing demand volatility, controlling spend, achieving end-to-end visibility, optimizing inventory – these are all made possible through advanced analytics.

In this Bristlecone Live! session, Bristlecone’s VP of Global Practices Prashant Kamat, Director of Global Practices Sunil Pandit, and Analytics Consultant Pratik Mehta give you a glimpse into how supply chain data analytics can empower businesses with rapid, KPI-driven 360° insights.

Key Takeaways

  • Analytics Drivers in Spend, Inventory, S&OP and Plant Maintenance Operations
  • Building a Supply Chain KPI Framework
  • Parameters and Key Levers to Consider
  • Get YOUR Questions Answered