Webinar: SAP Ariba for SMBs

Seamless, integrated, digitized – not adjectives usually attributed to growing midsized companies in describing their procurement processes. In practice, reality usually reflects …

  • Existence of various manual and paper-based processes
  • Subjective adoption and use of preferred suppliers
  • Compliance gaps and risks due to disconnected processes
  • Constrained budgets, leading to delayed adoption of a ‘digital agenda’

Further, though a large section of midsized companies use SAP’s ERP systems, for procurement systems, SAP Ariba is usually not perceived as a first-choice solution.

In this webinar, we share insights on how the SAP Ariba solutions portfolio supports SMB procurement departments, business users and suppliers with …

  • Amazon-like buying experience
  • Compliant buying channels
  • Easy tactical sourcing and digital quotation process
  • Paperless collaboration with suppliers
  • Intuitive order fulfilment for suppliers from a single interface

… all of this and much more for an extremely competitive price.