White Paper: Procurement Diagnostics: Assess, Compare, Identify and Plan Your Way to Procurement Visibility and Process Efficiency

Diagnostics are a quick yet effective way to gain sufficient visibility into the procurement function, understand gaps and efficiently bridge such gaps through proven methodology​. Diagnostics help CXOs and Business Process Leaders make accurate decisions and tackle complex business challenges.

In times like these, with unexpected disruptions and volatility, procurement diagnostics offer not only an impartial opportunity to evaluate yourself, but also see how you stack up against industry best practices.

This white paper broadly defines the major procurement challenges business leaders face and examines why diagnostics are essential in identifying the impact of these challenges, analyzing their root causes and, ultimately, better positioning leaders to achieve their business goals. It also outlines the key points of Bristlecone’s proven methodology, which highlights existing procurement inefficiencies and improvement areas across Data, Process, System and People.