Reinventing EDI for the Modern Supply Chain

Vikram Kaul, VP, Product Engineering, Bristlecone

When social, political and economic conditions are in a state of flux, it’s natural for businesses to find respite in things that bring a sense of certainty and normalcy to their operations. In uncertain times, the solution can often be found in technologies that are proven and predictable.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is one such technology. It has well-established standards and protocols that ensure speedy and reliable sharing of data and ease of transacting business across the supply chain. In times of uncertainty, EDI is a sure thing.

Developed by the U.S. transportation industry to standardize electronic transactions between vendors and customers, EDI has a native suitability for reliable supply chain operations. It allows the real-time paperless execution of transactions between trading partners and the transfer of all essential documents from bills of lading to payment information.

I recently had a conversation with Laura Fava of FreightWaves about the merits of EDI, and how Bristlecone and drayage standout NEXT Trucking are working together to reinvent EDI for the modern supply chain.