Get to The Oracle Integration Cloud Even Faster

Oracle Integration Cloud eliminates barriers between systems, databases and processes across the entire enterprise.

SAP IBP in 90 Days?

We can deploy SAP IBP in just 90 days – we made it a fixed-scope, fixed-fee offering.

Bristlecone Commits to Science-Based Targets

Science-Based Targets, an initiative that champions science-based target setting in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Why New Antifragility Index?

Today, Bristlecone announced the launch of Antifragility Index. This launch is a crucial milestone in our journey to help enterprises create antifragile sustainable supply chain operations globally.

The Future of Business is Transparent

Businesses exist and endure when…

Is Your Supply Chain Changing With The Times?

Business Conditions That Existed A Decade Ago Are No Longer Relevant When it comes to business processes, we want them to be as efficient as possible. To do so, we tend to build them into the system. Just like we have a Standard Operating Procedure for a task, we are tempted to have a SOP for […]

Are you ready for Disruptive Innovation?

Can disruption and innovation go hand-in-hand? I often wonder about this, as I hear the word ‘disruption’ quite often. Over time, I have come to understand that disruptive innovation is characterized by two attributes. One, the new innovation is a new way of doing business within an established industry. Two, this new way of doing […]

The New Answer To ‘How To Keep Customers Happy’: Positive Disruptions In The Supply Chain

For businesses, the very idea that disorder can lead to growth and movement is unthinkable. However, could it be possible that there are business models that gain from chaos and disruption? Is this kind of positive evolution achievable by any and every business, and under all circumstances? Think of this radical concept: An antifragile entity looks […]