Creating Next-Gen UX with SAPUI5

An application’s user experience (UX) consists of its visual appeal and ease of use. Visual appeal is dependent on ‘frontend’ technology, while ease of use is largely driven by ‘backend’ logic.

A great UX cannot be created without a well thought out and intuitive frontend – the User Interface (UI) – working collaboratively with fail-proof backend logic.

While the UX requires both, it’s not uncommon for only one component, frontend or backend, to require altering at a time. UIs, for example, must evolve to meet users’ changing needs and rising expectations, while the backend logic may remain the same. For this reason, it makes sense to maintain the backend and frontend technologies separately. Developing the elements independently can save time and resources whenever UI (or non-UI) changes are needed.

SAP answered the call for a powerful yet lightweight UI development toolkit when it introduced SAPUI5. Built using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, SAPUI5 provides a way to develop consumer-grade, browser-based business applications. It encourages the app developer to use the Model View Controller (MVC) concept. The data/model logic is kept separate from the view logic by a controller, a controlling unit that takes care of the user interaction events and the view events.

Based on SAP Fiori design principles, SAPUI5-designed apps are compatible with existing Fiori apps and provide a seamless user experience across devices – smartphones, tablets, desktops. Applications developed with SAPUI5 can also be used outside the SAP ecosystem because a large part of SAPUI5 was sourced from OpenUI5, an open-source project maintained by SAP and designed for the building of cross-platform, responsive, enterprise-ready applications.

Key Advantages of the SAPUI5 Toolkit

  • Includes smart controls that simplify development
  • Enables advanced smart data visualization through its viz framework (VizFrame)
  • Includes controls for S/4HANA 1909 (e.g., concepts, ideas and decision support)
  • Its theme designer allows for custom branding of the user interface

Interested in learning more?

Check out this white paper, SAPUI5 – Next-Generation UI Technology for the Enterprise, and feel free to reach out to us at to schedule an exploratory chat.