Webinar: Improve the Procurement of Direct Materials utilizing Advanced Technologies

It is well known that the procurement of direct materials has its unique challenges:

  • Demand is determined by production / particular stock coverage
  • High expectation with on-time / quality conformance delivery
  • Limited flexibility to find qualified alternative suppliers
  • High volume of compliance documentation
  • Complexities due to multiple channels to suppliers
  • Pressure to cut costs

And all these challenges need to be managed in a dynamic market environment with constantly changing demand and supply situations. To overcome these challenges, it is worthwhile considering solutions to:

  • Seamlessly exchange information between buyer and supplier at all levels (demand, delivery status, shipment time, etc.)
  • Easily share required documents (shipment documents, invoices, certificates, etc.)
  • Manage suppliers (identify alternatives and possible risks)
  • Improve cost situation (inventory and physical movement of stock)

This on-demand webinar delivers a comprehensive look at how cutting-edge procurement solutions (SAP and beyond) can help your business address these challenges.