White Paper: Smart Integration, an Essential Building Block for Digital Platforms

Digital platforms cater to an entire range of enterprise needs, from analytics platforms that deliver deep insights, to infrastructure platforms on which other platforms are built, to service platforms that facilitate the delivery of enterprise services. The digital transformation that companies have undergone in recent years has resulted in numerous internal and external platforms being used across functions and teams.

While each may provide significant value to specific groups of stakeholders, using a variety of platforms and applications across the enterprise results in information silos that hamper employee collaboration and productivity, weaken customer experience, and can potentially impact business growth. When separate platforms are tightly knit and communicate with each other seamlessly, enterprises can achieve far better efficiency and unlock new avenues for growth. That’s where integration proves most valuable.

Integration refers to the building of software assets that allow for communication between technology systems – both within an enterprise and in the external ecosystem – to facilitate unified and seamless business operations. It also synchronizes data originating from different sources in different formats.

This white paper from Bristlecone and Zinnov …

  • Explores the increasing role of integration in today’s platform-led economy, categories of integration and the degree of adoption of different types of integration
  • Provides a deep-dive into the factors leading to the increased demand for integration and the challenges that enterprises face in their integration journey
  • Reviews the best practices to be deployed for successful platform integration initiatives